The School of Business & Entrepreneurship offers highly specialized and industry-relevant degree programs at bachelors, masters and doctoral level.


Bachelor degree programs on offer provide each student the opportunity to specialize in a specific area: 

The Flagship B.Sc. Business Administration program allows students to concentrate in any of Management, Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems/Supply Chain & Logistics, Big Data Analytics, & Fintech & Block Chains. Graduates of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship have gone on to pursue careers in auditing, business development, marketing management, public service administration, non-profit administration, commercial and investment banking, central banking, treasury management, academia etc. Majority of SBE graduates have among furthered their education to master’s and doctoral level.



SBE’s graduate school, through its numerous practitioner-partnerships, offers specialized industry-focused degree programs in business administrations.

Programs on offer include:

SBE also offers a bridge program for non-business program graduates to study at master’s level via its Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).


SBE’s Ph.D. in Business Administration offers prospective doctoral candidates the opportunity to focus their research within a broad range of business sub-disciplines, while encouraging interdisciplinary research. Current supervision expertise cuts broadly across international business, strategic management, public administration, marketing, accounting, corporate social responsibility, finance, entrepreneurship, research methodology etc.