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In this video Mirian Fonkam, Computer Science Major, highlights “Nature-based solutions for food and human health”, as part of the Global Youth Video Competition, in her quest to be showcased at the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit in New York in September 2019.
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Study mode: Full-time
Course duration: 4 years
The School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) is at the core of AUN’s Development University mission. At the SBE, “Development” means a commitment to help communities achieve equitable and sustainable prosperity for all. The broad-based academic programs and research in SBE generate knowledge and innovation transferrable to the local communities for growth and development in such areas as financial literacy and entrepreneurship culture. Our experienced faculty mentor students from across academic disciplines to develop entrepreneurship zeal and nurture them through the knowledge loop, from concept ideation to consolidation and expansion.

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The School of Business & Entrepreneurship offers highly specialized and industry-relevant degree programs at bachelors, master and doctoral level

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Bachelor degree programs on offer provide each student the opportunity to specialize in a specific area: 
The Flagship B.Sc. Business Administration program allows students to concentrate in any Management, Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems/Supply Chain & Logistics, Big Data Analytics, & Fintech & Block Chains. Graduates of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship have gone on to pursue careers in auditing, business development, marketing management, public service administration, non-profit administration, commercial and investment banking, central banking, treasury management, academia, etc. The majority of SBE graduates have furthered their education to masters and doctoral level.

All Business and Entrepreneurship programs are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). In addition, our programs aspire to pursue international accreditations.



SBE’s graduate school, through its numerous practitioner-partnerships, offers specialized industry-focused degree programs in business administration.

Programs on offer include:

SBE also offers a bridge program for non-business program graduates to study at master’s level via its Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).
SBE’s Ph.D. in Business Administration offers prospective doctoral candidates the opportunity to focus their research within a broad range of business sub-disciplines while encouraging interdisciplinary research. Current supervision expertise cuts broadly across international business, strategic management, public administration, marketing, accounting, corporate social responsibility, finance, entrepreneurship, research methodology etc.