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Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration sits within the School of Business & Entrepreneurship

The MBA program prepares graduates to enter the increasingly interrelated global business environment with a balance of intellectual, theoretical, professional and practical experience. It focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and the general organic business functions. It develops decision-making skills rooted in critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, teamwork, communications, presentation and leadership.


Graduates anticipate serving as leaders of business, industry, government and non-governmental organizations.
Applicants with non-business undergraduate degrees are required to complete the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), which, upon completion, will prepare them to pursue the regular MBA program.
The PGDM program requires a minimum of 32 credit hours of course work. Of those 32 credit hours, 28 credit hours are required core courses, while the remaining 4 credit hours are earned from completion of a supervised research project.



AUN is a career-oriented institution.  The goal of the MBA@AUN program is to meet the professional aspirations of our students and the demand for well-trained and highly motivated business leaders and entrepreneurs for the 21st century. AUN, in partnership with respected universities and organizations throughout Nigeria and elsewhere on the continent, will arrange for MBA students to receive regular updates on job openings, consulting, and other professional development opportunities.

2023/24 Total Tuition

₦2,750,000 (Discounted)
(for 72 credit hours total)

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