Postgraduate Diploma in Management


The postgraduate diploma in management is designed for individuals with a non-business related academic background who intend to go into either office administration or general business management and to provide basic and remedial training in management for the purpose of preparing students for higher studies as well as for managerial positions in the private and public sectors of the economy.


The objectives of the program are to:

  • develop the competency of students in understanding the basic principles and concepts in Management and utilizing them in practice; and
  • equip students with basic knowledge and techniques of managerial problem-solving and decision-making relevant to both the private and public sector organizations.

Course Structure

The PGDM programme requires a minimum of 32 credit hours made up as follows:

  • Fourteen (14) core courses (2 credit hours each) - Total: 28 credit hours
  • Research Project - 4  credit hours
  • Total: 32  credit hours  


Duration - minimum 12 months maximum 18 months

Course Descriptions
(2 Credit hours each)    

PGD 701 Business Mathematics

Topics in this include: revision of basic algebra; set theory; permutations and contributions; annuity, cash flow; functions and functional relationship; analysis of marginal utility and integral calculus; partial and total derivatives. In discussing these topics, emphasis will be on their specific relevance to business/management contents.

PGD 703 Business Statistics

This course covers basic concepts in descriptive and inferential statistics and their use in empirical research.

PGD 707 Computers in Organizations 

This course explains the why and how of computers, the use of computers in business and other organizations; Data transmission, nature, speed and error detection. It also examines systems analysis and design, the programming process; problem definition, flow charting and decision table.

PGD 710 Principles of Accounting 

This course deals with the underlying theory of double entry book keeping. Topics include: the nature, scope and purpose of accounting, theories and mechanics of double entry, book-keeping statements, fixed accounts, funds flow statements, account of not-for-profit organizations, incomplete records.

PGD 720 Principles of Finance

This provides a systematic and vigorous examination of the theoretical framework of financial/investment management analysis. Main topics include: The economic theory of choice: investment decision and appraisal techniques, financial requirements planning, working capital management, financial ratio, dividend decision, cash budgeting, fixed assets and equity management funds flow statement, and emphasis on financial markets.

PGD 730 Principles of Management

The development of  Management thought; theories and models of management; the manager and his environment; organization structure and relationships; leadership and motivation; organization development, the management functions and procedures; planning; organizing;  directing; controlling etc.

PGD 740 Fundamentals of Marketing

This course focuses on the appreciation of functions and channels of marketing and its role in the corporate environment. Major elements of marketing strategy in relation to product development; distribution channels; advertising, sales promotion and pricing are examined in detail.

PGD 750 Human Resource Management

Topics to be addressed in this course include Nature and scope of HRM; strategies and management practices in manpower planning; staffing; human resource planning; human resource training and development; performance measurement and management, career planning and employee welfare; compensation designs and reward management.

PGD 760 Introduction to Public Administration 

The course focuses on the emergence of public administration; problems of organization, the bureaucratic phenomenon and social change. The basics of public policy formulation and implementation processes by bureaucracies; accountability and efficiency in public administration.

PGD 770 Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduces the basic principles of macroeconomics, stressing national income, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, business cycles and open economies.

PGD 773 Principles of Microeconomics

Introduces the basic principles of microeconomics and their applications: supply and demand, operation of markets, consumer and enterprise behaviour competition and monopoly, income distribution and international trade.

PGD 775 Nigerian Economy 

This course provides a thorough exploration of the Nigerian economy

PGD 777 Global Economic Environment 

Topics to be treated include Nigeria and the global economy, the implications of the free market economy on business; governments, consumers, and labour, strategic aspects of international trade, globalization and international institutions; multilateral negotiations; lessons from the Asian tigers.

PGD 790 Research Methodology    

The objective of this course is to introduce the students to scientific enquiry through gathering and analysis of relevant data.

PGD 799 Research Project - 4 Credits

A research based study and report on an acceptable management problem area approved by the supervisor and the chair of department.

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