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Business Administration (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
School of Business & Entrepreneurship
About the program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration program prepares graduates for success both in the global business environment and academia.

A team of top international academics and business leaders teach and supervise students providing a balance of intellectual, professional and industry-based knowledge and experience.

The PhD program focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, contemporary business strategies, leadership and key business responsibilities. These are set forward in the context of the economic and social development needs of the African continent.
The PhD program provides graduate education in business administration to develop and deepen the spirit of in-depth questioning in the students for teaching, research, and management responsibilities in public and private sectors of national and global economies.

Our students graduate with advanced knowledge, skills and abilities that are firmly rooted in a rigorous curriculum which promotes engaged learning in critical thinking and analysis, decision-making, advanced management and marketing theory, problem solving, teamwork, communica- tion and leadership, etc.

Graduates from the program will enjoy careers in the private or public sector as academics, researchers, innovators, consultants, leaders of business enterprises, heads of non-governmental organizations and much more.

2023/2024 Total Tuition

(for 60 credit hours total)

(60,500 per credit hour)

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