Dear AUN Students, Faculty and Staff Members,

Welcome back to our wonderful students, and greetings and thanks to all faculty and staff members as we prepare to start the 2021-22 academic year. I am delighted to return to Yola and to AUN, to meet old friends and colleagues, and to make the acquaintance of many new ones. 

The past year has certainly been a challenging one for everybody as we have had to rise to the challenge of a global pandemic. While we are still in the midst of that pandemic, I am sure that all of us are happy to be back for in-person instruction and student activities. Our Covid protocols do require that you wear a mask while you are indoors, including while you are in class. The scientific evidence is now quite clear: masks do prevent the spread of the disease. Though of course you may choose to mask up, you will not be required to wear one outside if you are practicing social distancing, nor for the short time while you are actually eating your meals in the cafeteria. I am assured that we will be receiving more vaccinations, and I will keep you posted on that important development.

One of the exciting things about being in a university is that every year we get to begin again.  Begin again with new learning and new ideas, with new students and faculty. With new friends. This year we will welcome our first year students in October after they have finished all of their exams, and in the meantime, we are thrilled to welcome back our returning undergraduate students, our new and returning graduate students, and new and continuing faculty.

We begin again with our founding mission to be a development university, in fact Africa’s only development university. This means that AUN will foster the creation of Nigerian and African leaders who are committed to human development in all its many aspects, committed to sustaining a democracy in which diverse people share in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, committed to building a sustainable campus and country.
We begin again to focus on what it means to provide a modern liberal arts education, an education where everyone gets to participate, to ask questions, and to contribute to academic and community life.
I am honored and excited to be back at AUN as your president, and look forward to seeing all of you on campus in the coming days.
Welcome back as we begin again, as we recommit to being a world class American-style university in Nigeria.
Margee Ensign
AUN President.