AUN Fire Fighters Train 70 LCCN Youths

AUN Fire Fighters Train 70 LCCN Youths

On December 16, 2019, AUN Fire Unit under the Safety & Security Operations trained more than 70 Sunday School members of the Lutheran Church of Christ (LCCN), Yola, on how to combat domestic fires.

The members of the Sunday school from Wuro Chekke and Mbamba districts visited AUN on an excursion and a tour at the Fire Service where they were practically thought how to control fire outbreaks at home and anywhere they find themselves.

The members were trained on how to use fire extinguishers, fire blanket, and other materials to stop any form of fire outbreak. Each of them in a practical way exhibited how to quench fire using the fire blanket and fire extinguisher. The training had the support and approval of AVP for Safety & Security, Dr. Lionel Rawlins. 

The Safety Manager, Kayode Adams, who introduced his team said, "Fire does not recognize adults or kids; sometimes parents leave their children at home. So, an idea on how to solve fire problems is very important, because most of the causes of fire outbreaks are electrical sparks. What about if the parents are not there to help at that time? It is good for us to impart safety knowledge to the kids."

Mr. Adams said that knowing how to solve these problems is critical before calling the fire service to intervene. He said his team had trained other organizations in and across Yola on how to solve fire problems.

Sunday School Secretary of the Wuro Chekke 2 district, Thomas Tanyachem, said the training would help them to understand and recognize when to call firefighters for help, and also help them to respond to domestic fire outbreaks. He commended the AUN Fire Service for the training.

Reported by Chiedozie Joseph