CC Residence Football Team Wins AUN Departmental Games Trophy

CC Residence Football Team Wins AUN Departmental Games Trophy

AUN Staff Football League 2019 ended on December 12 with CC Residence Football Team winning the Departmental Games Trophy. Team CCR scored three goals against their opponents, Akande Residence Team (AKR), which scored one.

CC Residence Team (CCR) comprises players from Security and HR, while the Akande comprises the AUN Schools (Elementary and Academy) and AUN Business Center.

The CCR coach, Abubakar Nyako, said his team won the tournament because it put in its best in training besides the regular Friday fitness required of all security staff members. 

"We played well. It is our training that gave us the confidence of winning. Friday jogging gave us morale. We improved on our exercises."

On the other hand, the AKR coach, Abdullsalam Abdurazak, said his players gave their best in the tournament.

The Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Adamu Umar, said he was very surprised that the AKR team had come this far in the tournament.

"I am pleased and proud of them. I had rated AKR as the underdogs in this competition, but my team is out. AKR challenged until the last kick of the competition. It played well--almost won the trophy."

Fifteen matches were played in the tournament that started on October 22. The champion received the trophy and gold medals, while the second-place winner had silver medals.

Before the finals, there was a raffle draw which was organized by the Employee Wellness wing of the HR & Planning department and the lucky winners received prizes.

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources & Planning, Nourah Bamalli, presented the trophy and medals. He was happy about the sportsmanship displayed by the participants, adding that everyone in the university is a winner.

"No one has lost out because the essence is to bring staff together, to create awareness, happiness, wellness, and so on for everyone."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa