Finance Division Celebrates Teamwork at End-of-Year Party

Finance Division Celebrates Teamwork at End-of-Year Party

On December 11, the Finance Division hosted an end-of-year party to celebrate and reflect on the outgoing year.

There was music and dance, assorted drinks and food, as well as time for selfies and potluck dip. 

Usually, a serene workspace, the Finance wing of Admin 1 building was transformed into an entertainment theater with a sustained blast of music. There was so much boisterous energy in the hall! The excitement in the air was dense with expectations, as staff members turned up for fun.

Vice President for Finance & Administration, Olanipekun Olanrewaju, thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication during the year. The VP also praised their team spirit. Turning to the business at hand, VP Ola told the attendees that it was equally important they cultivate the habit of enjoying life while they still have the energy to do so.

"We worked very hard during the year. It is only reasonable that we play hard too. We have this opportunity to relax and merry and to be thankful to God for sparing our lives.

"The key to a successful life is moderation, in and out of work," VP Olanrewaju advised. 

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa