Volpi 'Girls' Touch Lives at Community Service

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On March 6, 2020, the students of Rosaria Volpi Residence Hall touched the lives of both the young and old during their community service outing. The students visited Government Day Secondary School, Bekaji, as well as Wuro Hausa, and Malamre communities.

Engaging in community service allows students to become active members of their community which creates a positive impact on society at large. Volunteering for Community service enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge and provides a service to those who need it most.

The Residence Director of Rosaria Volpi, Hannah Paku, said the students agreed to work on the projects because of the stories behind them, but most importantly because it's about changing lives and making a memorable impact on the people around. 

The students made a trip to Government Day Secondary School Bekaji, where they repaired broken chairs and tables to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for learning. The students also donated textbooks on various subjects that serve as reference materials during learning. 

The principal of Government Day Secondary School, Bekaji, Mrs. Gloria Atiwurcha, appreciated both students and AUN for their various donations, contributions, time, and dedication toward the growth of the school and the educational system.

The students later proceeded to Wuro Hausa to visit Mrs. Hadiza Abubakar. a mother of three who had issues with her accommodation. The students contributed to pay the rent of her new house, set up a new business and donated a new grinding machine as a means of empowerment.

An excited Hadiza thanked both AUN and the students for their contributions and the opportunity for a better life for her children.

Concluding the community service was a trip to Malamre. The students visited Mama Rose Diko, a grandmother and shop owner, whose business collapsed because of insufficient resources. The students who admired her drive to work hard agreed to restock her shop to enable her to make sales and profit.

Mama Rose was overwhelmed with joy and thanked the students for their kindness and compassion. She went further to thank AUN for the benevolence of its members and promised to keep them in her prayers always.

Assistant Director of Community Service, Ahmed Aliyu, who accompanied the students, commended them for their love, support, contributions, dedication and time spent in community service.

Reported by Inyene Ikpe