AUN Schools Elementary Pupils Display Art & Craft Skills

AUN Schools Elementary Pupils Display Art & Craft Skills

The AUN Community Hall was teeming with pupils and guests as the Elementary School celebrated its annual Art and Craft Day. The historic event which took place on March 13 was attended by parents, staff members, students, and other dignitaries from across the state.

The event showcased different kinds of artworks that were done by the pupils from various grades. These include calabash decoration, talk on ceramics, Hausa dance, fabric decoration (also called tie-and-dye) and competition on the tying of the headgear, popularly known as Gele

The Executive Director at AUN Schools, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu, welcomed the guests, applauding parents for always coming whenever needed. "I also commend the art teachers for their good work in the preparation for the day."

There was a demonstration of the Hausa dance steps by Grade 4 pupils and the importance of fabric decoration and its preparation by Grade 5; each of the presenters talked on fabrics and how they can be applied to produce good and quality tie-and-dye materials. The day also had several dance performances.

A pharmacist and parent, Mrs. Nneka Okwuma, thanked the teachers and pupils for the effort and preparation towards the event, " It is amazing and I am excited about everything I saw today, 

The unveiling of the magnificent artworks was done by one Ajiya Hauwa who supported the celebration with the sum of N50.000.

Dr. Audu Liman of the Atiku Center, who also supported the event with the sum of N100.000 said, "More than the works is the presentation; it is a good job to create arts in Nigeria and for the pupils to come out and explain what they did confirms they did it."

Crowning the historic event was a presentation of admission letters to the graduating pupils to be enrolled in the AUN Schools Secondary by Admissions Director, Mr. Austin Samuel.

The money raised from the event, as usual, will be used for community service.

Reported by Joseph Chiedozie