SOE Faculty Dr. Rakshit on Why Africa Should Invest in Technology

SOE Faculty Dr. Rakshit on Why Africa Should Invest in Technology

Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering (SoE), Dr. Sandip Rakshit, says Nigeria and other African countries need to invest more in technology.

The professor was the lead speaker at the School of Engineering seminar on "Technology Acceptance Model for Re-engineering & New product Development" held on March 20, 2020.

TAM is a framework that represents how users come to accept and use new technology. He said its benefits are not only in the short run but can help society in the long run. "It will provide or give the result of your work in the future."

Dr. Rakshit said TAM is a very useful model in the development of new technology, maintaining that it is one of the most widely used models in the field of technology acceptance. TAM was first introduced in 1980 and can show the factors or reasons for the unacceptability of the technology by the users. "This is important for the developers while redesigning their systems."

He said while the earlier TAM models are less appropriate in product development since they do not contribute much to guide design and branding, revised TAM with the specific aim of re-engineering and new product development (NPD) might be possible.

His presentation covered various challenges of TAM, the validity of TAM, how and where TAM is used, as well as TAM application in various fields including e-commerce, education, internet, banking, agriculture, healthcare, and many others.

Dr. Rakshit is a high-end academician, researcher, author, writer, inventor, innovator, scientist, consultant, and operator. He has experience and expertise in establishing high-quality educational institutes and universities in India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Africa.

The academic has been in the education field for over a decade with teaching, consulting and research experience of more than 16 years. He has delivered more than 25 keynote addresses, been invited to seminars, and media briefings.

He has six bestselling books from McGraw-Hill International and another top world best publisher, one patent and 22 International Standard Business Cases (Emerald, The Case Centre, etc.) to his credit.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa