Institute Partners AUN to Offer Professional Training in Monitoring & Evaluation

Institute Partners AUN to Offer Professional Training in Monitoring & Evaluation

Owing to the growing need for Monitoring & Evaluation specialists in developing countries like Nigeria, AUN recently signed an MoU with the Monitoring & Evaluation Institute to design and run a certificate course to develop the skills and competencies in the field of knowledge monitoring.

Director of Development at AUN, Sameer Yeshwanth, who initiated the liaison with the Institute, said the program is in line with the corporate training program of the University.

Assistant Professor in the School of Business & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Hassan Yusuf, was the faculty representing  academics from AUN and served as the local liaison.

On March 20, 2020, the first enrollees started a three-day professional training designed for 15 participants.

"This is just the beginning of a long and rewarding partnership with the M&E Institute, one of the most modern and critical professional training platforms in our country," said the Vice President for University Relations(VPUR), Dr. Abubakar Abba Tahir, at the kickoff. He represented President Dekle at the inauguration.

"This partnership will see AUN and the institute moving into bigger and more rewarding engagements in many areas of corporate training and capacity building programs."

Last year, AUN Hotel Conference Center & Spa hosted a similar inaugural project management. Besides the one that was held in Yola this year, another is being planned for Abuja.

"Let me salute the inaugural class which is you and assure you that the training will surely meet and exceed your expectations and that of your sponsors."

Dr. Tahir recognized AUN as an organization that emphasizes community engagement and service-learning. He sees the vision of the Institute in helping organizations to create a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system as one which meets the development outreach mission of AUN.

"Both of these partners have the capacity, I assure you, the capability, the competence and the goodwill to offer a broad range of services that are critically required in all sectors and segments of our national economy."

He said AUN, a Development University, is focused on solutions that positively impact the community.

"In the Northeast, we have carved a niche for ourselves having hosted a number of humanitarian projects for USAID, for UNICEF, for UNHCR."

M & E is gaining prominence, which is why the VPUR wants many organizations to train personnel in this field.

"I, therefore, seek the support of all organizations, in public and private sectors including ministries and departments, agencies, companies, NGOs, multinational corporations, and international organizations to avail themselves of the unique opportunities which our joint skills and competencies can offer."

Dr. Tahir also presented certificates to the participants at the end of the three-day training.

CEO of the Institute, Aminu Aliyu Ahmed, was the facilitator of the course.

The President, Data Science, M&E Association, told the participants why the hands-on-training is of value. He said there is a great role for ME in the public and private sectors as it can help organizations to maximize profit, optimize, and minimize costs and losses.

"Some of you might have heard of M&E or practiced it, but here, in the next three days, I hope you will become professionals."

The format for the training includes presentations, explanations, and experience sharing. There were also team-building exercises that offer an opportunity for the participants to network.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa