Provost to prospective Students: AUN Graduates are Job Creators

Provost to prospective Students: AUN Graduates are Job Creators

Provost Muhammadou Kah says the quality of graduates AUN produces is a great reason to consider AUN as the University of Choice.

He was speaking to visiting high school students from five secondary schools on November 23, 2019.

Professor Kah underscored the fact that AUN continues to produce well-rounded graduates in various academic disciplines anchored in liberal arts education. AUN graduates acquire competencies in problem-solving, critical, and analytic thinking, entrepreneurial mindset and a commitment to the community, and national service with integrity, discipline, self-confidence, and are adequately prepared for quality leadership.

About 90 high school students converged on the AUN campus for a recruitment visit. They came from five schools in the Yola environs: Fombina Royal Academy, Abti International Secondary School, AUN Academy, Al-mashkur Academy, and Ahmadu Ribadu College.

"The most important journey to your future is about to begin. The best gift you can give yourself, your parents, communities, and country is quality education--a holistic learning experience."

Provost Kah said each one of them represented hope for their families and communities and that AUN trained students to meet that expectation.

"The only way you can ensure that you do not disappoint this great hope we all have on you is to adequately prepare yourself, to facilitate for you to enroll in a high-quality university that continues to deliver quality learning engagement with rigor and excellence.
"I confidently submit to you all, AUN is this university. AUN is fundamentally a place where your potentials can be optimized beyond your expectations and imagination."

He went on to list the many world-class universities where AUN graduates pursue their postgraduate degree programs; he highlighted examples of the London School of Economics, Cambridge University, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, Rochester University, Calgary University, Canada, University of Waterloo, Canada, Georgetown University, and Queens College, the UK.

"Our students come to this great university and graduate better than they have hoped for themselves and are trailblazers across the country and beyond. There is no reason why each one of you cannot be that and more."

He stressed that if they choose to go outside the country for their undergraduate education, what they would get would not be significantly different from what is obtainable at AUN.

"At AUN, we do not give you degrees; you earn it. We are not only interested in you coming to have a degree or a certificate, but we also have high expectations. You will be guided and provided with a first-class learning environment and engagements in small-class sizes to facilitate learning more beyond what you want to study. We prepare you holistically."

At AUN, students are prepared competently for life success; to be able to face the Everyday challenges of society whether as a person or in an organization.

"You will be confident in yourself. You will be creative thinkers, problem solvers. You will prepare yourself to be a leader. You will be part of the whole expected leadership that will prepare Nigeria, Africa, and others anywhere in the world."
At AUN, students who want to succeed in the corporate world are readily exposed to those skills required.

"We have AUN alumni who are working in top global companies such as Google and many other organizations of repute. Each one of you, when you come here, you will be prepared to have those kinds of opportunities and more importantly to be entrepreneurs to build your own companies to hire many others."

About 40 nationalities represented at AUN enrich the learning experience that students get here. This adds to the factor that makes AUN a university of international repute.

"You will be exposed to diversity. You will learn from each other. You will share your cultural diversities with others who will be studying with you. You will be studying with international students. Your preparation, your understanding of global dynamics will be extended in multiple ways that you will not find in many places."

This diversity makes AUN a melting point of cultures. Since not many still know that this much diversity exists here in AUN, it makes the University still the best-kept secret in Sub-Saharan Africa. For anyone still thinking of moving trans-Atlantic for their university education, they might still be ignorant of AUN.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa