Dean Bullock Speaks on Coaching, Counseling and Motivational Skills

Dean Bullock Speaks on Coaching, Counseling and Motivational Skills

The Dean of Students, Vice President Byron Bullock, hosted an interactive session on coaching, counseling and motivational skills for practitioners with Residence Life on November 21, 2019.

"Counsel to the point of making people express their inner emotions such as cry, laugh or get angry; then ask them open-ended questions about their problems. Expressing such feelings signifies healing which is harmless even if it's uncomfortable to witness."

Dean Bullock believes motivation spurs enthusiasm.

"Motivation is an essential component for the youths to stay focused and maintain goal-oriented behaviors."

AUN’s residence life is not your conventional student/ hostel experience. The university is committed to ensuring students have access to well-rounded extracurricular regimes.

A Resident Assistant and second-year Natural & Environmental Science major with concentrations in Environment & Health, Christiana Afeni, said she learned how to motivate and counsel fellow students. She says she is more than willing to coach, motivate or counsel anyone who needs it.

"Everyone has a dark side and people go through bad moments; supporting those in such situations is the least you can do."

Head of Training & Development, Rabi Abubakar, said the training session is a product of teamwork to motivate the resident directors and resident staff to get their work done without distress or objections.

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle