President Dekle Leads Senior Management to Air Force Base

President Dekle Leads Senior Management to Air Force Base

On December 5, 2019, President Dekle led a four-member senior management team to the Adamawa base of the Nigerian Air Force in Yola.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen friendship and partnership in education and building capacity--a mutually beneficial arrangement for both organizations.

Addressing the airmen and women during their weekly Training Day Lecture, President Dekle described AUN's style of education as special and very helpful, an experience that can be tailored specifically to the needs of the Air Force and military, which can be offered either on campus or taken to them at the base.

Vice President University Relations, Dr. Abubakar Abba Tahir, told the officers that the visit was to extend two handshakes. First, to thank the Force for what they do in the area of security and, secondly, to talk about the robust programs that AUN has to offer  with time spans ranging from one day up to a month.

AUN offers training in diverse areas like security management, IT, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, project management, business, and much more at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

He added, "We do not want to just close our mouths and shops without opening up to communities like yours; it will not be good enough. It is important that you know what we are doing so that you can benefit from us as we benefit from the security you are providing."

Just as President Dekle had said, AUN offers an American styled education that is special, engaging and provides a life-long experience.

Speaking from an academic perspective, Provost Muhammadou Kah described AUN as a university of goodwill with opportunities for the officers to enhance their capacities, output, and competencies in diverse areas.

"So you are not just here to fulfill your responsibilities and assignments as men and women of the Air Force, but also to simultaneously benefit from the opportunities on our campus, or we can bring it to you as it is not unusual for universities to bring degrees to the military and Air Force so that while you fulfill your duties, you can also pursue areas of interest to upgrade your career and avail yourself the opportunity for accelerating mobility."

AUN as an institution of a high global standard will expose them to the experiences they dream to have. It is also a learning environment that promotes engagement and a kind of interaction that allows students to bring their own version of knowledge and field experience.

Part of the rationale for these courtesy calls is to encourage officers in active service, who would love to have their degrees (undergraduate and graduate) to do so while still carrying out their duties.

 Many retired servicemen who have come to AUN for short ICT courses have said that one of their biggest regrets was not retiring as degree holders. 

Reported by Togor Passa