FRSC on Essential Road Safety Tips and Practices

FRSC on Essential Road Safety Tips and Practices

On December 11, the Adamawa Command of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) brought its public education campaign to AUN.

Team Lead Commander & Safety Officer, Mustapha A. Lamido, addressed the university community on essential road safety tips and preventive driving.

"The road is patient but it doesn't forget. Therefore, it is important to pay attention while driving; otherwise, you pay the price." 

Forms of distracted driving can be manual (taking one's hand off the wheel); visual (taking one's eyes off the road); or (cognitive) taking one's mind off the road. 

Virtually, everyone is guilty of one or all of these, Lamido said at the community briefing. To stay safe there is a need to avoid making calls, sending text messages, eating, drinking, and attending to kids or pets while driving.

AVP of HR & Planning Nourah Bamalli "We invited the FRSC to our campus for this seminar under the Employee Wellness Program (EWP) to guide us all on essentials of safety on our roads."

The seminar was quite educating and timely for most of the people in the audience who as motorists who often come in contact with vulnerable road users (non-motorized road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists as well as persons with disabilities or reduced mobility and orientation).

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle