Office of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance Holds Workshop

Office of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance Holds Workshop

The Office of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance (APQA) held a two-day workshop for faculty members on Strategy & Best Practices for Using Canvas, the AUN learning management system (LMS).

The familiarization training was facilitated by Assistant Director, APQA in the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Data Analytics, Nas Yakubu, who gave a detailed, practical demonstration of how to navigate the Canvas.

The workshop, which took place on March 6 & 13, 2020, empowered faculty members to enhance their instructional delivery to students. It clarified the bottleneck areas, especially for those who still struggle to use the LMS.

Academic Planning & Quality Assurance Director, Dr. Samuel Tesunbi, explained how the workshop could help faculty to teach better. As there exist updated and user-friendlier versions of the technologies that some may not be aware of, the platform presents an opportunity for new knowledge. Hence, the workshop facilitates the work they do, thereby lessening their stress.

"The session helps them to do their work a little bit easier," Dr. Tesunbi, an associate professor in the School of Arts & Sciences, added.

Participating faculty learned the different functionalities in the learning management system, including scheduling assignments for students.

Besides the workshop, the Director announced that effective Monday, March 16th, an APQA staff member would man a help desk in the conference to attend to inquiries.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa