Creative Thinking at Work! How Students of ENT 328 Created AUN Energy Solution

Creative Thinking at Work!  How Students of ENT 328 Created AUN Energy Solution

The #GetAUNGreen campaign has started. It is an energy-saving campaign first mooted in the Innovation for a Sustainable Society (ENT 328) class.

The course instructor, Fardeen Dodo, explained that the campaign started as a brainwave from one of his students, Nneka Nnaji, who enrolled in the previous year's class.

Dodo had challenged the students to engage an organization, identify a problem that it faces, and come up with an entrepreneurial solution. "And they suggested AUN."

Ms. Nnaji, a graduating senior majoring in Business Management/Entrepreneurship then carried out investigative research, visiting the various departments responsible for electrical energy consumption to learn more about the subject and identify opportunities. 

"She picked up the energy challenge and came out with a business case showcasing various courses of action that can be implemented to save energy in AUN with financial benefits of each of those initiatives."

President Dekle was receptive to the idea. And an energy stakeholders' team has since been formed in addition to the energy champions team. While the stakeholders will provide direction and oversight of the activities of the champions, the Energy Champions team is responsible for the day-to-day promotion of energy savings and sustainability culture throughout AUN's units and departments.

One of Ms. Nnaji's options that excited the campus energy team was the energy-saving culture.

"It is the lowest hanging fruit," said Mr. Dodo. "It is something that is the cheapest to do but it is probably not without argument with the most rewarding benefits if done properly."

"I'm passionate about my major, which is entrepreneurship/management", Ms. Nnaji said. 

Meanwhile, this semester, another group of students of ENT 328 is taking up the initiative.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa