Nigerian Law School at AUN, Seeks Partnership

Nigerian Law School at AUN, Seeks Partnership

On January 27, 2020, the Deputy Director-General of Nigerian Law School, Yola Campus, Aliyu Hamidu Alkali, led a team of seven on a courtesy visit to the AUN campus.

During a brief reception at President Dekle's office, Mr. Alkali said the reason he and his men visited, first, is to appreciate the University's continued support and friendship, especially with the provision of firetrucks in fire emergencies and tractors for weed clearing.

The fire service response from AUN has been wonderful and fantastic, he said. "Even when we purposely set fire to burn waste, they quickly respond."

Even though there has never been a fire incident on campus, AUN operates a standard and functional fire service department, which is ready to render service not only to the AUN community but also the Yola metropolis at large. On several occasions, the AUN fire truck has been instrumental in putting out fires around Yola and Jimeta.

The second reason for the team's visit, Alkali said, is to request that AUN opens its learning doors to students of the neighboring Nigerian Law School in terms of seminars and also for them to gain access to the abundant resources in the AUN School of Law.

Besides a robust collection of law books, journals, and other learning materials, AUN prides itself as having the only university in Nigeria with an automated Law Clinic.

The Law Clinic is a replica of a law firm; it is a unique feature in the AUN law program which simplifies and facilitates the understanding of students about the concept and practice of law. Having a clinic means disputes among students and other members of the community, down to the public can be settled or mediated without necessarily having full-blown litigation.

Alkali pointed out that the two institutions can partner and collaborate, cross-fertilize ideas and knowledge that will serve the host community. This collaborative effort will be in the area of arbitration, mediation, and negotiation.

President Dekle who was thrilled about the visit said even though alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, negotiation, and mediation are unique to the American system, they are suitable methods that can be adopted in the resolution of conflicts in Nigeria.

She added that AUN is ready to join forces with the amiable neighbors to train community members on alternative dispute resolution techniques they can acquire "which they can use to resolve issues within their families, between families, between communities, and in businesses."

Reported by Togor Passa