AUN Preschool Hosts Career Day

AUN Preschool Hosts Career Day

On January 29,2020, the AUN Early Learning Center for preschoolers held its annual Career Day.

The goal of the yearly event is to introduce the pupils to various careers. The preschoolers are dressed up in different professional regalia to listen to community members and parents discuss the roles of job professionals in their areas of specialization. 

Mrs. Etido U. Usoh, who supervises the preschool center, believes that exposing them to careers at an early stage is very important. It enables the school management and parents to come together to teach the children professional roles in society.

"Every child is gifted. Their talents just need to be unwrapped at different times through a variety of means."

The children learned from the following experts: a pharmacist, a medical doctor, a surgeon, a lawyer, a tailor, a baker, a soldier, a teacher, a pilot, a footballer, a nurse, a chef, an engineer, and a firefighter.

Each of these people told the pupils how important to society his or her job is and how happy they are about what they do.

A parent and baker, Mrs. Tayo Eze, said that children need to be taught how to think as opposed to what to think.

"Career Day is a vital occasion that is annually celebrated in various academic environments across the globe. I'm delighted to see our children being put through the process too."

She urged other parents to always know what their children are passionate about and help them actualize their dreams. "Do not force your children to pursue careers that they are not interested in." 

Another guest, Mrs. Ifenwa, said she was proud of her trade as a tailor because everyone needs to be well dressed regardless of occupation.

"All the good dresses and attires are the products of a tailor."

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle