Facebook Users Weigh in on President Dekle's Reading Choices

Facebook Users Weigh in on President Dekle's Reading Choices

The publication of President Dekle's reading preferences in a leading national business and finance newspaper has continued to generate thought-provoking reactions from readers and Facebook users. 

Communications strategist and media scholar, Chido Nwakanma, who authored the story in BusinessDay, shared the link through his Facebook blog. The reactions have been varied and interesting.

Ruona J. Meyer could not hide her excitement reading Dr. Dekle's eminent reading choices. "What I like most is how she acknowledges the changing ways young people ‘read’, even though she prefers hard copies! A truly enlightening read."

Approving, Mary Chinda wrote simply, "Academic brain".

But another Facebook user, Wisdom Azu, was more elaborate in underscoring a unique AUN quality highlighted by President Dekle in Chido’s article. To the President's assertion that 'The (AUN) University Librarian is a principal officer of the school with faculty rank', Wisdom wrote, "That struck me. I'm not sure librarians in your conventional universities are ranked in order of faculty positions. It's not enough to be a principal officer. Our schools should learn from AUN. That ranking can make a huge difference in the academic life of a student."

To this suggestion, another Facebook user (Chuba Keshi) responded, "Wisdom Azu, you are indeed wise. Good one."

Kester Osahenye wrote, "What an inspiring treatise. Chido, thank you so much. She (Dr. Dekle) is a great woman."

Chief Security Officer and one of our own, Ms. Tolulope Ezekiel, also contributing, gave the President a high-five, "You are indeed a treasure, ma'am. AUN is proud to have you around."

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