AUN Senior Designs Smart Gas and Smoke Sensor

AUN Senior Designs Smart Gas and Smoke Sensor

Telecoms & Wireless Technology major, Ruth Manasis Jesse, has designed a smart gas smoke sensor that can save lives and property.

In her fall semester Senior Design Project (SDP) presentation submitted in partial fulfillment of her Bachelor's degree, Ms. Jesse created a model to detect gas or smoke in a building, or a room and send an SMS alert to the owner if the person isn't at home. 

The model can trigger an alarm to go off indicating that something is wrong, it is also equipped with a sensor that displays the level of gas concentration. 

Ruth lamented the high incidence of accidental fires, exploding cylinders with the attendant loss of lives and damage to property. She expressed confidence that a system that alerts homeowners through alarms and SMS would be an effective preventive measure.

Ms. Jesse hopes that her design will significantly contribute to disaster prevention and management in homes, offices, schools, public buildings, factories, commercial and private organizations. 

The graduating senior says she is very satisfied with her time at AUN and appreciates the knowledge she has received. She is also excited about the AUN School of Engineering which she believes will allow students to broaden their knowledge and learn more outside their programs. 

The Senior Design Project, coordinated by Assistant Professor Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini, creates an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate their ability to apply scientific and engineering principles to the solution of practical problems in information, technology, computing, engineering systems, and processes. 

Twenty graduating seniors of the School of Information Technology & Computing (SITC) made presentations in the fall semester. 

Reported by Togor Passa