Digital Nigeria: AUN Woos NCC for Partnership

Digital Nigeria: AUN Woos NCC for Partnership

AUN seeks to drive digital technology innovations in Nigeria through collaborative research with private and public sector players like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Muhammadu Kah, canvassed the university's aspirations at the Emerging Technologies Research & ICT Innovation Forum for the Northeast held at AUN from October 30 to 31, 2019. He said that replicating Stanford University's role in Silicon Valley by nurturing a digital tech hub in Nigeria's Northeast remains AUN's ultimate goal.

Referring to graduates from the AUN Software Engineering, Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems programs who are currently working in some global IT companies such as Google, Professor Kah said AUN is the right institutional partner to work with NCC and other universities.

"The degree programs and post-graduates, up to the Ph.D. level, are of the highest caliber. I must say that the alumni of these programs have gone on to excel." 

Provost Kah identified NCC's new Digital Bridge Institute in Adamawa State as capable of offering great benefits. 

"We are looking forward to how we can think outside the box to engage in the optimum utilization of that infrastructure to unleash the talent base that exists in this University for the state and beyond."

In addition to the afore-listed ICT programs all of which are accredited by the National Universities Commission, AUN began offering courses in Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Electronic Engineering from the 2019 fall semester.

Aiming to achieve a saturated level of stakeholder engagement and a high level of ICT penetration in all aspects of life, faculty members and students of AUN participated actively in the forum's interactive sessions on emerging institutional, regulatory, and legal frameworks for telecommunications technology in the Northeast Region.