AUN Charter School Showcases Science Projects

AUN Charter School Showcases Science Projects

On October 25, 2019, AUN Academy (Charter School) held its 2019 Annual Science Fair at the Community Hall.

At the fair, several science project models were showcased including paint making, Li-Fi model, rainbow flame model, spider robot, electric fan, smoke absorber, solar system model, aquarium model, dehydration of sugar, rubberband car, electric windmill, phone speaker and lots more.

Two students from Grades 10 and 11, Ahmad Babangida and Ahmad Abubakar, worked on paint making to create a paint production company in the nearest future with the support of the AUN schools' entrepreneurship department.

"We can't wait to see our dreams of paint production and providing quality services to the community come true; AUN is simply the best."

A grade 12 student, Xerina Idusuyi, driven by enthusiasm for her "rainbow flames" project, explained that chemicals such as strontium and potassium chloride produce different colors of the rainbow when subjected to a flame.

"This phenomenon is used in forensics for crime detection and by space scientists to detect the presence of certain chemical components in various planets."

A grade 10 student, Aisha Bakari, felt the need for rural and urban communities to adopt a better, cheaper, and more sustainable means of communication using the light fidelity (Li-Fi) concept.

Grade 8 student, Tariq Yakubu, from his personal experience thought of creating a solar microwave heater because he believes it will be useful for people of all economic classes.

"Unlike its electric counterpart, the solar device is very cheap, can be easily made and used by anyone irrespective of their age or financial stability."

A Civics & Government teacher, Cyprian Ogon, affirmed that the students show their creativity and ingenuity by building via science project models which enable them to convert abstract knowledge to concrete ones.

"The school supports entrepreneurial initiatives such as the paint making project and see them succeed with the help of her entrepreneurship department where such skills are being sharpened."

A parent of two students, Sakina Bello, appreciated the Charter School for organizing such a mind-blowing fair annually as it serves as a privilege for the students to build amazing science project models unlike their counterparts in other schools. "My son, Muhammad H. Lamine, a Grade 7 student was very excited to construct an electric fan model and my daughter who is in her 12th grade also worked on an aquarium model."

"It's quite fascinating to see teenagers doing such awesome things."

The AUN Academy Science Fair is a showcase which provides students with the opportunity to exhibit various science project models. The end goal is to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.


Reported by Rofiat Adekunle