Book Club Woos New Students

Book Club Woos New Students

On February 7, the AUN Book Club held its first meeting for the spring 2020 semester. 

Mrs. Ogechi Dan-Okereke of the Writing Center, who anchored the session, told new students who attended about the Club's activities and what it holds in store for them.

"AUN is the first development university in sub-Saharan Africa; provides many resources to help students succeed, which makes the learning experience here a lot more congenial for any student and one of such resources is this reputable Club."

The Book Club at AUN was established to help students cultivate a resilient reading culture and appreciate the beauty of literature because it is an essential habit for undergraduates.

Mrs. Dan-Okereke added that a book club is a reading group where students come together regularly, at a set location to read a book, discuss relevant issues arising from the book and express different perspectives about it.

She introduced the students to the principles of reading (scanning, skimming, and reading) in detail and when to apply such strategies in their reading experience. 

A participant, Phillip Bill Hanson, shared with the students how reading with people can improve their critical thinking ability. 

"The book club is a perfect avenue for students to actively participate in a social event which has academic benefits." 

The meeting was concluded with a question-and-answer segment to clarify issues raised by Mrs. Dan-Okereke those concerning the AUN Book Club.

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle & Famous Dufegha