Writing Center Resumes Study Skills Workshop

Writing Center Resumes Study Skills Workshop

On February 7, 2020, the Writing Center resumed its weekly study skills workshop. The Center's Coordinator, Nicholas Achoda, gave a presentation on the essential AUN study skills that students should develop to have a smooth academic experience.

Mr. Achoda anchored his presentation on the importance of note-taking and note-making as relevant tools students should develop to enhance their learning experience and to ensure the positive productivity of the students. 

He explained note-taking as an important study tool for college students and that in remembering what is taught in class. Note-taking also keeps students alert and focused in class. It is an important study tool since it serves as reference materials during revisions, examinations, and assignments.

"Listening to your instructors is of utmost importance as you can't write what you did not hear. What are you going to write down if you don't listen?" 

He went further to give the students the necessary strategies for note-taking such as organization, putting notes in compartments for easy understanding and sticking to the main point highlighted by the instructor.

Reported by Inyene Ikpe, Serving Corps Member