'Academic Integrity Underscores Honesty, Responsibility'

'Academic Integrity Underscores Honesty, Responsibility'

A volunteer-instructor from the Writing Center, Mrs. Ruth Eghe Asikhia, told students as she took them on the second phase of the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism/Citation Workshop to "Remember that academic integrity is a sign of honesty and responsibility. 

The session which took place at Washington Hall on February 7, 2020, was aimed at teaching the students what they stand to gain when they maintain the code of academic integrity, the violation, and its consequences

"Let your professors see your idea, your content must portray a certain level of originality…. You learn more because you're indulging in critical thinking and hard work."

She also said that students who lack academic integrity cannot be trusted by their professors and instructors as trust is the foundation of academic integrity.

Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work without acknowledgment. 

Mrs. Asikhia urged the students not to depend much on someone else's words, even though they are giving credit to them but to present their own words and ideas with familiarity and independence of style. 

She described citations as an important tool used to avoid plagiarism, gives credit to the person whose idea is presented, and confers authority on research work.

Reported by Inyene Ikpe, Serving Corps Member