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AUN Parent Chuma Oguejiofor: It's Good Here, All My Kids Will Graduate from AUN

AUN Parent Chuma Oguejiofor: It's Good Here, All My Kids Will Graduate from AUN

The Barrister-at-Law Chuma Oguejiofor was one of the proud parents who attended the AUN 13th Commencement. He was also here five years ago for his son's orientation/onboarding program. Five years down memory lane, Barrister Chuma believes he made the right decision in bringing his son to AUN. "Five years now looks like a few moments ago, because the American University of Nigeria runs a regular, uninterrupted academic program. Imagine if I had sent him to a public school on strike.”

Barrister Chuma Oguejiofor is a delighted man: his brilliant and articulate son, Clinton Jideofor, graduated from the School of Law with University Honors. Clinton Oguejiofor was a member of the Honor Society, inducted in the Spring of 2021, where he served as the Assistant Head of Events.

Barrister Chuma has made up his mind to school all his children at AUN.

"My second son is here in his second year going to the third year, and I am hoping my first daughter will also come to read law here at AUN. This is a practical demonstration of my satisfaction with the AUN setup. I am highly satisfied with the leadership, structure, physical infrastructures, facilities and academic mentoring at AUN. I doff my hat to the Founder of this University, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar. I will repeat myself here: whoever conceptualized this edifice and has kept it together for so long deserves the leadership of this country. Let him go and replicate this at the national level.”

Reflecting on his illustrious career in the legal profession, Mr. Oguejiofor said he is very grateful about his opportunities. "Life is a race; you do your bit and hand over the baton to others. In my mind's eye, I can look back 38 years ago to my graduation as a lawyer, the last step before going to Law School. It is a tremendous and joyous journey. Life's race continues, and it is only when you do not groom a successor to pick up your baton that the race ends.”

His son, Clinton, is also excited about graduating from AUN. "I almost did not come here. However, I did come here, and all I can say is that it was one of the best decisions my parents made, to bring me here. I am excited to graduate from this prestigious institution.”

New AUN alum Clinton says he arrived here as a shy boy who probably would not have even agreed to stand before a camera answering questions if he had not come to AUN.

"Now, I am graduating, a very confident man and an effective public speaker. I also cherish my time as a member of the AUN Honor Society where I got the opportunity to give back to the community and to learn the values of service and humility. AUN does not only give you the best academic training but you grow in every other aspect of life. I would choose AUN all over again."


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