New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation (Fall and Spring) is a compulsory program that every new student is required to attend. The program gives new students the opportunity to become acquainted with the University, find their way around the campus and settle into their residences, learn about student advising, and enroll for their semester courses. 

It is coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students with support from other departments: Admissions, Finance, Registrar, Academic Advising, University Relations, Events & Publications, and the offices of the various deans.


Orientation Program: An Overview

Leaving home for university means you will be exploring a new place, making new friends, and setting your own priorities. You are going to face enormous changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and challenging.  Getting off to a great start at AUN includes attending New Student Orientation. The AUN Orientation program gives new students the opportunity to:

  • become acquainted with the University,
  • find their way around the campus and settle into their residences,
  • learn about student advising and enroll in Fall 2019 semester courses,
  • begin classes September 3.

It also provides the opportunity to experience the special nature of the undergraduate student life in a typical American-styled institution. We are glad to welcome you to University Life!
Fall 2019 Orientation for new students begins on August 27 with new students arrivals.



Following these six tips should make your transition process more manageable and productive:

01 Plan to arrive on campus early. Arriving at the University campus early for the Orientation is an all-important step every new student should take for a successful transition. Remember, many activities are planned for you, and these activities are to help you in your transition to American-style university life and study.


02 Remember that all of you are new students. If you're feeling shy, not sure how to approach people, or completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of students on campus, keep in mind that almost all new students are a little confused.


03 Ensure you do your logistics-based tasks. Getting your student ID card, registering in a club of your choice, checking in to your residence hall, creating a school email and username, and registering for classes are the building blocks for the rest of your university experience. Get them settled as soon as possible.  There is always help available.


04 Don’t miss your placement exams. This is an all-important examination and prerequisite for course registration.   See your Orientation Schedule.


05 Attend as many activities as possible. Consider this: would you rather learn how to use the library, navigate around campus, and get acquainted with AUN’s Code of Conduct now, while relaxed and meeting new people, or later in the semester when you are stressed, tired, and backed up against a deadline for your class work?  All of our orientation activities are planned to help your transition be smooth and stress free, to help you succeed.


06 Ask for help when - not if - you need it.  Everyone on campus - staff, students, and faculty - knows that now is a time for learning new things and getting oriented. If you are not sure about something, don’t be shy. Make sure to just ask someone.


Don’t worry, in a few days of your arrival on campus, you will be so familiar with campus life that the campus will feel like your second home.