Information Systems (PhD)

About the program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Systems program prepares students for a grounded understanding of the theory and application of information technology in the core areas of computer science, management information systems, and interdisciplinary informatics.

The program is also designed to expose students to in-depth analysis, system design and development, and the implementation of current and future trends of information technologies. Additionally, students upon graduation will attain expertise in conducting and managing high-quality, basic and applied research in the art of information systems.

The PhD program in IS therefore presents technology
 as an instrument for generating, processing, managing, evaluating, analyzing and distributing information to meet a variety of needs. It focuses on developing the students’ ability to integrate operational strategies and technologies, and manage information systems resources in organizations, while anticipating the dynamics of the IT landscape in order to propose appropriate IS solutions.
Benefits of the program
The PhD program is designed for serious, motivated and dedicated students who are desirous of making significant scientific research and contributions in the field of Information Systems.

AUN is known for technological advancement and this is infused into our curriculum to provide students with an edge over others. Additionally, graduates can serve as consultants to top organizations providing IT-related business solutions.
Program Requirements
Tuition Fees

2021/2022 Annual Tuition

(for 60 credit hours total)

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