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English Literature & Languages

English Language and Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
School of Arts & Sciences
The Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature promotes language as a window through which students can view the world and understand human values.

Students will develop a sound knowledge of language and culture and an ability to use the English language effectively which will prepare them for leadership positions in government and the private sector.

Students who major in English Language and Literature will:
  • master the characteristics and traditions of various genres of literature
  • appreciate and understand the way in which literature has developed and how it reflects timeless aspects of the human condition, and yet is rooted in culture and history
  • demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of language as a system of communication
  • develop a basic understanding of the English language and its linguistic characteristics
  • develop a sound knowledge of language and culture and their roles in society
  • use language creatively and effectively to analyze and synthesize written material
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of the values and beliefs of cultures across the world.

The program is flexible, thus providing the optimum opportunity for the student to take courses as free electives from a variety of different disciplines and to shape the program of study to suit the student's objectives. The student should consult closely with his/her Chair in selecting courses and in considering a minor.

Graduates from the program will have a variety of possible career paths. Sound knowledge of language and culture and the ability to use the English language effectively is fundamental to most occupations.
All students pursuing the BA in English Literature and Languages must complete the following ten (10) courses:

ENG 101 Introduction to the Study of Literature (3)
ENG 201 Introduction to American Literature (3)
ENG 203 Language and Society (3)
ENG 211 Introduction to British Literature (3)
ENG 221 Introduction to African Literature (3)
ENG 301 Introduction to the Study of Language (3)
ENG 302 History of the English Language (3)
ENG 304 English Syntax I (3)
ENG 312 Phonetics and Phonology (3)
ENG 315 Introduction to World Literature in Translation (3)

Concentration Requirements:

When majoring in English Literature and Languages, students will choose one of these concentration areas:
  • English Literature
  • Languages
English Literature
The literature concentration offers a wide range of academic literary works ranging from poetry, prose, and drama.  It examines various literary elements, historical, economic and social backgrounds of works with a bid to understanding the underlying assumptions that these works address.  Thus, providing a good grounding to understanding the literary/theoretical framework which develops skills in analyzing a literary work and gaining mastery in rhetorical competency.  Therefore graduates of this program can fit into various careers such as creative writers, publishers of newspapers/magazines, editors, bank secretaries, foreign missions, teachers and professors, television presenters, among others. 

2023/24 Annual Tuition

Course Duration
Full Time: 4-year average

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