A Tribute to Struggle Service & Sacrifice

A Tribute to Struggle Service & Sacrifice

- Farewell Verse to Mr. Reginald Braggs with Love!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

He is tall, slender, lanky, friendly, fatherly and unmistakably imposing; but incidentally flying away!

No one can miss or ignore his ever receptive ambience anywhere, anytime, any day, especially with his trademark smile, which adorns the campus landscape every second.

When he stepped onto this soil, he came with an open heart to lavishly give like no other.

Landing in the School of Business to teach Entrepreneurship, he was a serious faculty member from day one.

He left a mark that his former students are still reminiscing about this man that never entertained any frown on his face and indeed, in his lexicon.

When he moved to student life, he went to partake in taking custody of one of AUN’s most vital resources – our very dear students.

Yes, indeed, to support Daddy Byron Bullock to oversee campus life and overall student’s welfare.

In that parental game too, he was remarkably successful.

He took this experience, expertise, and excellence to the Foundation program, giving befitting leadership and guidance to AUN 101.

Turning it into his inaugural baby - fully taking charge with the capacity, capability and an undiluted sense of responsibility.

And when our distinguished Chibok Girls showed up, the father in our Braggs was already at the AUN gatehouse, warmly receiving, gently hugging and respectfully enrolling them with love and care, which they had missed for several months, if not years.

He gave them hope, he offered them a home and awarded them back their lost honor.

Since day one, Reginald remained the Regiment Commander for our Girls and the Braggs in his name never made him really brag even for a second, talk-less of faltering for a minute.

He crisscrossed Nigeria and elsewhere, come rain, come shine, in their name and for their sake.

He struggled for them, sacrificed on their behalf and even on this last day of his service to our community, he continued to serve them for the collective good of their challenge, and not necessarily for the selective goods of their land.

The commitment, contributions and unblemished care of Mr. Braggs remained remarkably full of responsibility and unparalleled fatherhood.

On this day of a bombshell announcement about his painful departure, the AUN Chief Parrot extends his timeless handshake across the Atlantic, the kind that will forever remain indelible on the sandstones of time.

Our tears of despair for his time-honored exit will hardly ever dry for a long time to come.

But the tears will repair whenever we remember to be inspired by his struggle, service, and sacrifice to our campus.

The AUN family wishes him and his bereaving family at home, deserving stability, sustainable security, and lifelong prosperity now and in the foreseeable future.

Sincerely, from the inner recess of our hearts!

Abubakar Abba Tahir, PhD

Vice President for University Relations,

American University of Nigeria, Yola.