'Transformation Starts from Mindset'

'Transformation Starts from Mindset'

The guest speaker at the Startup Grind, a mentoring session held at AUN on November 23, 2019, says the journey to any personal change begins with the mindset.

Victor Dauda Tarfa, a UK-based mentor international, told the audience, "Whatever you want to do in life, if you don't change yourself, personally, it will be almost impossible. As the saying goes, change starts from you and it starts from within."

'The Process: the journey to a new you' was the topic of his presentation. In it, the motivational speaker told the audience how he was able to transform himself from an average person.

Passing through the process of transformation, he had to work on his mind, body, and soul.

The strategies he used include attending events, getting a mentor, and getting a coach which he paid to train him.

And it is the same that he recommends to anyone desirous of self-transformation.

The speaker said a process involves taking a series of actions/steps to achieve a particular end.

"Action has to be involved. There have to be some activities to move you from where you were before and where you are trying to go. Everybody has a different end they are looking to achieve."

"The Director of Startup Grind, AUN Chapter, fourth-year Law major, Chijioke Attamah, said the organization is a global startup community that was designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa