Spring 2020 class commit to AUN Community Pledge

Spring 2020 class commit to AUN Community Pledge

On January 20, Spring 2020 intakes pledged to uphold the AUN Community values.

Faculty, staff, parents and new students thronged to the library auditorium to witness this momentous event. The pledge ceremony is AUN’s American twist to the matriculation ceremony which obtains in other public universities. This formal ceremony marks the entry of a new class into the university.

Addressing new students at the pledge ceremony, President Dekle described the AUN education as "the passport to their future,” just as she reminded them of the prospects of a new decade filled with challenges and opportunities.

"So I urge you, do something at AUN that your future self will thank you for.

"It is very important that you use your time at the university to learn how to learn because your ability to navigate this new world would depend on your ability to become a continuous lifelong learner and to continue your education long after you leave AUN."

"Stallions, you are starting a new chapter today and I have some predictions for you this year 2020: First, you would each be challenged inside and outside the classroom. Second, you will make new friends. Third, you will develop and grow in unimagined ways."

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Prof. Muhammadou Kah, assured the students that the university will ensure that they become self-confident leaders who can make a difference in society.

"I promise you that we will nurture your creativity and diverse talents and guide you to be brilliant. Undoubtedly, you will begin to rewrite the history, and change your narratives and that of your family and communities right from this campus."

One of the ways to be successful, added Provost Kah, is to aim high. He, therefore, encouraged the new students to set the bar very high for themselves.

"We expect you not only to succeed but to excel beyond your imagination. The only limit to your success will be the ones you set for yourselves. The onus lies on each one of you to work hard and smart to vigorously pursue your goal of academic excellence to excel and succeed here at AUN."

In a spirited oratory, Vice President and Dean of Students, Byron Bullock, stirred students with his speech, "Tuesday is Coming".

"Classes start on Tuesday and will be more challenging and inspiring than ever before. Tuesday is coming and it is the first day of class, a time for you to step up your play."

He urged that they become more responsible and take control of their lives while finding a way to make a difference.

"We have been waiting for you; Nigeria has been waiting for you. The world has been waiting for you."

"Be the example, give your best, and change the world by changing yourself. Be strategic. Think in the morning, act before noon. Read in the afternoon and sleep at night. You must be the example of excellence without excuse." Dean Bullock's speech was greeted by a resounding applause.

President of the Student Government Association (SGA), Taslim Oladoja, shared with the new students an experience which he said makes  AUN a "rare gem" and why he believes AUN ranks higher than two other universities he enrolled in, outside Africa.

"At AUN you get the best of both worlds in one; with academics and social life. AUN does not only mold us for good grades on paper but it equips us with the ability to critically analyze economic, developmental and societal problems which the world yearns for."

He said at AUN, opportunities never run dry. He encouraged them to make good use of the many opportunities such as professor office hours, community service, volunteering to serve, Model UN in New York, study abroad opportunities and attending international conferences, just to mention a few.

"Take opportunities as they come knocking on your door."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa