SITC Senior Reduces Carbon Footprint with Project Assessment App

SITC Senior Reduces Carbon Footprint with Project Assessment App

Final-year student, Ifeoluwa Funsho, a Software Engineering major has, for his final project designed an Application called Project Assessment Platform, which aims to digitize the process of project assessment and reduce the carbon foot print with his paperless technology.

SITC faculty Aleksei Vedishchev supervised the project which was presented to the AUN Community and other visitors at the 2019 fall semester Senior Design Poster exhibition, coordinated by Assistant Professor Abubakar Sadiq Husseini.

Using technologies such as MySQL Database, Tomcat Server, Spring Framework, Postman, Figman, and Java, the project seeks to address the problems associated with the current assessment method in the SITC department by automating and digitizing the process by creating the process a mobile/web application that re-engineers the process.

On what informed his decision to design the PAA, Ifeoluwa noted that he had noticed that during another presentation, he realized the instructors looked extremely overwhelmed and stressed due to the workload of filling out students’ information manually, with pen and paper.

He said it felt quite out of place for him since AUN prides itself as a digital campus where everything from submission of assignments to learning was done in the digital format.

Some of the project's targets include the reduction of repetition present in the current assessment method, to allow instructors easily and seamlessly assess and submit their grades digitally, also to reduce carbon footprint by eliminating or minimizing the amount of paper used and to provide an efficient method of collating instructors’ assessments and assigning students’ grades.

Upon completion, Ifeoluwa hopes that the app will help to reduce the workload on instructors especially during project assessments, to save costs by reducing dependency on paper and ink, and also to promote and encourage environmental sustainability.

Regarding adaptability, the graduating senior noted that the application could be modified to accommodate more modules to be used for various kinds of assessments. 

The graduating senior praised AUN for the great experience he gathered during his years at AUN. He noted that he has developed several skills with which he has landed many internships, and he has also applied them to various aspects of his life.

Reported by Grace Togor Passa