Pupils from FAAN Primary School Visit AUN Recycling Center

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On March 13, 2020 over 60 pupils from the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria Academy visited the AUN Recycling Center.

Waste Manager, Matthew Abedoh, received the students at the Center. He told them that the university is researching the best way to recycle waste without creating more wastes.

Mr. Abedoh explained how the University manages its waste, what he described as the "secret" of waste management.

"All of us are supposed to be waste managers. We have a code for managing waste. It is 3R which stands for 'reduce, reuse, and recycle'."

The waste manager further told the pupils that in AUN, the waste management is divided into two: the AUN waste management staff that takes care of the recyclables and the waste management company that takes out the garbage. 

He then took them around the recycling center where he showed them the different compartments used for the waste management process of categorizing the waste. These compartments include sorting bin, paper bin, plastic bin, bottle bin, glass bin, tin bin, and aluminum can bin.

He also spent some time explaining how to recycle paper to make an object such as a paper footrest.

The pupils also learned where and how compost manure is made from AUN's Director of Environment Ibrahim Song who also showed them the nursery where seedlings are prepared.

Sustainability Field Research Manager, Rotimi Ogundijo, led the pupils on a tour of the Sustainability initiatives of the University amongst which are products made from recycled materials such as handbags, paper footrest, and eco-briquette.

The Headteacher of the school, Nasiru Lawal, said the visit was an opportunity to see an aspect of the University. He added that they have heard a lot about AUN but have never visited. He, just like the other four colleagues who accompanied the pupils, was pleased with the things he saw.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa