President Dekle, Provost Kah Address Pioneer Engineering Students

President Dekle, Provost Kah Address Pioneer Engineering Students

On November 15, President Dekle addressed Engineering students, telling them how proud she is of them.

"You are already leaders. Why are you leaders? Because leaders take chances. Leaders are innovators. Leaders are risk-takers. Leaders are pioneers. Leaders are entrepreneurs."

President Dekle said as the first enrollees in the School they have the opportunity to start what is not in existence, including starting a new student organization in the School.

President Dekle later commissioned the Dean of Engineering's office. 

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Professor Muhammadou Kah, also spoke on why the School is critical to the development of Africa, stressing that the Engineering students have a huge responsibility awaiting them.

"We all know that not only Nigeria but the continent is challenged to have highly competent, highly skilled engineers to build the infrastructure that is needed to revitalize the economy through an industrial and digital revolution.

"Engineering is not for the soft-hearted. It is one of the most challenging disciplines that will require not only hard work but smart work and discipline. And have fun while doing it.

"AUN has not set up an engineering school to graduate weak engineers". He encouraged them to be brave and courageous as pioneer students of a high-demanding program. 

Interim Dean of SoE, Dr. Abel Ajibesin, described the day as historic. He described both Dr. Dekle and Prof Kah as visionary leaders as they took action to ensure the materialization of the SoE.

"We have been dreaming about the School of Engineering for years but these leaders made it happen."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa