Honor Society Inducts 24 New Members

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On March 20, 2020, 24 new students were inducted into AUN’s Honor Society (HS).

President Dekle administered the Society's pledge to all the new members at the annual induction ceremony. Assistant Vice President of HR & Planning, Nourah Bamalli, also attended the induction, the 13th since the Society's founding.

HS President, Todimu Sola-Idowu, said the new members went through a grueling selection process, and we're carefully chosen based on the Honor Society's four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

"Your academics opened the door to your selection but that is not the only reason why you are here. You are here because you have displayed integrity, leadership abilities, and willingness to serve."

She explained that joining the Society was responsibility-driven.

Excellence, Integrity, and Service are the values that the university expects of all students and the Honor Society members to showcase.

Assistant Professor in the School of Law, Dr. Jennifer Mike, was the guest speaker whose talk centered on Building Character - Strengthen the Heart of Good Leadership and Service.

Professor Mike described character as the key to good leadership and a link to service.

According to her, character helps an individual to develop certain positive traits and virtues. These virtues include among others integrity, courage, honesty, decency, dignity, loyalty and fortitude.

These important virtues, she explained, help a person become a good and socially acceptable member of society.

"Society essentially values individuals that are seen to be of good and high moral character. Society relates better with you if you are seen to be of high moral standing."

Principal Faculty Adviser of the Society, Dr. Ferdinand Che, told the new members that they need to continue to aspire to the values of the society.

He also had a message for other members of the Society, explaining that they should endeavor to be shining examples here at AUN.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa