Hip-hop Artiste on Shooting Mission: AUN Offers Genuine Support

Hip-hop Artiste on Shooting Mission: AUN Offers Genuine Support

Emerging multi-lingual hip-hop artiste, Tasiu Ismail Ibrahim (stage name TasiuTK), has described AUN as Nigeria's center of hospitality and academic excellence.

The stage performer and his team, who are based in Kaduna State, were at the university campus on January 18 on a production visit. He affirmed the uniqueness of AUN in terms of its motto: Excellence, Integrity, and Service.

"This environment is conducive; I feel welcome and accepted, everything is done accordingly and everyone I met is accountable. I can't believe I am still in Nigeria. I am overwhelmed by the sincerity in the support AUN offers."

Ibrahim Jika of IBJ Studio, Kaduna, and the project manager said they had selected AUN as the project location because the University has no equal in Nigeria.

"It is already a brand that people need to know, it is a maker of great world changers. People asked us why we left the beautiful scenery in Kaduna, Abuja, and Kano to come to Yola to shoot a music video but our response was the uniqueness of the AUN brand. Yes, beautiful scenery exists everywhere but there is only one campus like AUN in Nigeria."

He added that this is their little way to ensure that many people get to know about this amazing world-class university in Africa.

The young singer and songwriter is fast gaining popularity among music lovers, especially in Northern Nigeria and among Hausa-speaking populations. He has successfully released many hip-hop songs such as Hakane, Dan Gayu, Yori Yori, Sugar boy, Mazaje. Since the late 1980s, the hip-hop music genre has gained popularity in Nigeria, especially with the infusion of traditional beats and Nigerian languages in the lyrics.

Reported by Noel Sashi