Guest Lecturer at Moot Court, Counsels Students

Guest Lecturer at Moot Court, Counsels Students

On November 19, 2019, the School of Law held a moot trial with a lecturer from the Nigerian Law School, Yola Campus, as a sitting judge.

Apollos Dimas presided over the simulated trial that was presented by two groups of students as the legal counsel. 'Judge' Dimas guided the students on how to present their cases in a real-life court.

The guest who teaches Civil Litigation & Property Law Practice advised the law students to strengthen their advocacy skills before they graduate. 

The typical Nigerian client wants to see their oratorical prowess. For this reason, he encouraged them to learn to speak authoritatively when they present their cases in the courtroom.

The lecturer also gave survival tips for the Nigerian Law School years. He maintained that the rigor of the work in graduate school is so much that students should go there well prepared.

"We never compromise our standards for anything. Step up your game. I'm saying this not to scare you but to motivate you."

He gave insights into what they would encounter in the Law School, including lots of first-class students.

"Some people complain, wondering whether they're in the right place."

As a way of preparing for the career world, he encouraged them to read law reports which are available in the AUN law library. He also talked about how to handle cases and present them in a real-court scenario.

The course instructor, Benjamin Danpullo, said the essence of the demo is to prepare the students for what they would meet in the real world.

The 13th and 14th weeks of the semester is when law students in groups demonstrate what they have learned in assigned tasks. Inviting a guest to preside over their presentation is one way to give students insights from the perspectives of a guest litigator.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa