Career Club Event Showcases Music, Arts, Fashion and Food

Career Club Event Showcases Music, Arts, Fashion and Food

The Music Arts Fashion and Food event organized by the Career Club on March 13, 2020, showcased creativity like never before. Dubbed MAFF, the event was co-sponsored by the Career Services Office.

"We are creative people, we don't think normal," was a comment by one of the Club members as they put finishing touches to the preparations. It was a few minutes to kick-start time, but the team was still thinking there could be something to be done to improve the overall experience. Few more adjustments were made to the set up before kick-off. A member of the Career Club and Second Year Communications & Multimedia Major, Sa'adatu Abari, took the stage to introduce the anchor, Jewel Amachree. And the event was indeed creativity at its best.

Creative Director, Ekene Onyekwere, said the plan was to celebrate the most evident career paths on campus. 

And in the words of a Career Service Office staff, MAFF is an annual gathering of AUN's most industrious career-driven students. The AUN Career Office is coordinated by Mrs. Grace Nwokoma. 

"The Career Center is supporting all AUN student and alumni careers, be they startups, sports, academic or job-based careers via this gesture."

It was why a former Student Government Association President & CEO of B-Logistics, Abdurrahman Bapullo, was present to tell the audience how he is creating several businesses including B-Café, M3 Café, and another that is being set up in collaboration with two AUN students.

Guest speakers at the event include Ms. Sakina Afolabi who talked about how she started her line of clothing business, My Favorite AUN Store and Aisha Doggi whose love of art, she says, inspired her to become a make-up artist.

Some students gave brilliant performances in-between the guest speakers' presentations.

Multimedia Specialist Paul Ehigie, another guest speaker, told aspiring artists to be themselves. "Avoid copying others, just be unique." Mr. Ehigie was inspired to go into music with his friends. Asked by the anchor Jewel Amachree whether there have been obstacles in his quest to move up the ladder of music, he said they are inevitable for every starter. And what followed was advice to youths and students who have an interest in music. "If you love something, go for it."

Ms. Amachree also talked about how she started her consulting and social media marketing business.

Petroleum Chemistry senior, Peter Arte, who is a lover of art and is into photography as well, sees drawing and painting as a way of relieving stress.

"Stress can be a motivation to draw or paint," he told the audience.

Final-year Software Engineering majors Noble Amanfo and Eche Ojo were one of the sets of performers that charmed the audience with melodious songs and captivating voices. Their group goes by the name Definition. Other performers were Jaguar, Cali'ber, and Eche.

A literary presentation by English Language major, Olugbenga Jacobs, and Law major, Ifunanya Anyene, was another icing on the cake. And the fashion parade that ended the event made the event a creative one that will linger long in the minds of the attendees. While the event took place in the library auditorium, the mid-floor lobby was transformed with another creative concept where there was a display of artworks and food by entrepreneurial students. The exhibition was indeed a mini-market of sorts.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa