AUN Seniors Develop App for Easy Job Find

AUN Seniors Develop App for Easy Job Find

Graduating seniors, Software Engineering majorAyomide Oluniyi and Oluwatoyin Komolafe in the Computer Science program have jointly developed a web application to help students apply for jobs on campus easily.

This new app will ensure effective and innovative digitization of the work-study application process to no doubt simplify the work experience for students and employee departments on campus.

The app named WorkEasy (WE) features functions ranging from student work hour tracking, earnings, automated resume formatting (in collaboration with the career office), posting available jobs, automated salary submission as well as office hour schedules. 

President Dawn Dekle and other senior academic leaders were in attendance as Ayomide and Oluwatoyin showcased their model at the 2019 fall semester SITC fair. The poster design presentation is coordinated by Associate Professor Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini.

 At AUN, students have the opportunity, each semester, to enlist for work-study in any department of their choosing so far as there is a vacancy there. Students are paid per hour and are expected to put in a maximum of 10 hours weekly, without disrupting their class schedules.

Ayomide said the app was prompted by the idea to lessen the long and stressful processes that accompany seeking the right job and applying for it when students are ready for work-study.

Oluwatoyin added that presently, students only become aware of existing work-study vacancies through word of mouth or inquiries from different departments, adding that the current system is "too bureaucratic and isolated" to properly satisfy both the departments looking for work-study students and the students who need those jobs.

As students who have taken part in the work-study scheme, they realized the existing system lacks an efficient process for managing work-study expectations when it comes to information on job availability, applications, work schedule, and remuneration.

What the project aims to do is to bridge the gap between departments and students, allowing them all to interact in one place. With this app, students can search for jobs, apply, and submit applications from the comfort of their rooms. 

The program is designed to yield a reliable, scalable, maintainable, and portable web application to aid the work-study program at AUN and can be adopted by other institutions that have the work-study scheme in their syllabi.

The graduating seniors described AUN as an institution that helps people to realize their dreams. They said they owe the knowledge that influenced their design to AUN and their wonderful instructors. 

Reported by Togor Passa