AUN’s First Impressions Run Deep

AUN’s First Impressions Run Deep

Every year, the orientation for new students starts with a warm welcome.

Fall 2020 was no different. On Friday the 13th of November 2020, a team of student volunteers and AUN staff eagerly awaited the arrival of the newest members of the AUN community at the Yola airport.


The Journey to campus was filled with excited chatter as the students peered through windows taking in the buzz of the Jimeta metropolis and the picturesque landscape of Yola town. After check-in, the students had the rest of the weekend to explore the new surroundings and build friendships.


New parent, Mr. Chris Chime, a public health practitioner from the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria, Abuja, first heard about AUN, then sold the idea to his daughter who is an aspiring Law major.  He learned about AUN through a childhood friend who used to work here.


“The first impression is the deepest. Right from the airport, I saw young vibrant Nigerians, all wearing AUN T-shirts. I was told they are AUN students. From then on, I didn’t touch my luggage again; a red-carpet reception, first-class, first of its kind. I never expected it. This is not a story I was told; this is what I experienced. They took her into the hostel, checked her in, what is happening here is what I may call a hidden secret.” Mr. Chime praised AUN’s organization and the check-in registration process.


“I lack the words to describe it. Out there, people don’t even notice what is happening here; the kind of talent, future leaders you guys are developing and building here… I am happy that I made the right choice.”


New students were equally as impressed. For Deborah Ocheme, the Journey from Demonstration Secondary School, Zaria, to Yola was initiated by her father whose idea it was for her to apply to AUN. The aspiring Law major said she was quite impressed with the way the University recruitment team gave her a sense of belonging to the AUN community.


“The team has a way of connecting with the students, even before I came here, I have always received emails, and whenever I call an official here, they are always ready to attend to me. And getting here, the people here are very nice and helpful.”


Aspiring Natural & Environmental Science Major, Maryam Waziri from Yagai Academy, Jalingo, said she likes “everything” about AUN, in particular, the conducive atmosphere that makes learning enjoyable. She added “ people at AUN are friendly. This made the orientation process very pleasant.”


Chiegozirim Chukwu from Halifield College, Lagos, who will be studying Electrical Engineering said he became interested in AUN due to the American curriculum. Although he had hoped to travel abroad for higher education, his parents were not in support of it. So, he began searching for a school with international affiliation, his sister then suggested AUN as the place.


“The school is wonderful... We have been following this school since last year…. People here are great.”


Baba Shettima Kukawa, a proud parent and public servant from Abuja, whose son has enrolled to study Chemical Engineering, visited AUN twice in the past. First in 2009 and then again in 2013.


“I was very confident that he will get the best here compared to anywhere else in the world. There were no fears at all; I’m from Borno state -We all know the general situation of the North-east. One thing that really caught my attention is the participation of the older students in the process. It demonstrates that the school also inculcates leadership values into the students.”


Another parent, Elfridah Asak, a human resource professional from Port-Harcourt, said she heard about AUN  a very long time ago.


“It was a school to go to, but I didn’t know if it was the best fit at the time. But this year, we looked at it again and my son fell in love with the school.”


Ms. Asak was also impressed with the students’ participation in the process. According to her, there is a great sense of belonging that a stranger feels when she is being welcomed to a new environment.


“What tripped me the most was the students’ welcome at the airport... I even told my son: 'make sure you are in the next one.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa