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AUN President Professor Attahir Yusuf Evokes Founder's Path to Greatness

AUN President Professor Attahir Yusuf Evokes Founder's Path to Greatness

At the 2022 Founder's Day lecture held at the American University of Nigeria (AUN) Library Auditorium on November 25, the Interim President of AUN, Prof. Attahir Yusuf, wished the Founder H.E. Atiku Abubakar a happy birthday and victory in the forthcoming presidential election.

In his goodwill message at the event, the Interim President narrated a part of the life of the Founder and told the audience a brief story of how the Founder has persevered through his ambition, diligence, compassion, and hard work to accomplish all that is known about him.

"We celebrate birthdays to mark the passage of our time; and to recognize the gift of life, which is what this is all about today. We want to remember the Founder of our university and our good fortune in being associated with this remarkable person of excellence, distinction, generosity, and selflessness. As I say, today is the birthday of our dear Founder, and it is a tradition for us to celebrate the day with him.

"He is unavoidably absent today, not because he did not want to come, but because of the reasons that are easily discernable to all. His original Presidential Campaign Calendar left November 24 and 25th blank so that he could come here, but you know what the season is like. At the last minute, things do change, indeed. But, he expresses his profound appreciation for your support, loyalty, and care you have shown over all the years.

"The life of the Founder has been filled with instances for emulation. He was born in a little town, maybe just a little village, where it was a Herculean task for kids to go to school. And you can look at this from two angles: the schools' remoteness and the parents' permission to allow their kids to go to school. This is the kind of life he started, and he lost his dad very young. It was left to his mom to bring him up mainly.

"But today, his achievements are the subject of many books. His legacy is so monumental, and this is because of his tenacity for education and lifelong learning. And also taking up responsibilities without being prompted, and fearlessly too. At a very young age, the Founder bought a house for his mother when all his mates went to their parents to get pocket money. This gentleman has tried to make ends meet and strives to bring some extra. And the first thing that came to his mind was to buy a house for his mother. So, you can imagine the type of individual we are talking about.

"He is also dedicated to excellence and meticulous in his plans. This enabled him to rise to enviable positions of responsibility.

“Today, he is a frontline nationalist, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a visionary, and a role model for many.

"So, let me at this juncture say happy birthday to our amiable Founder, His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, Wazirin Adamawa. May Allah, the Almighty grant you your continued desire to serve your country and humanity through the highest position in the land".

Reported by John Abah


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