AUN Elementary Showcases Global Cultures

AUN Elementary Showcases Global Cultures

On November 22, 2019, pupils of AUN Schools (Elementary) showcased cultures from other countries.

The cultures explored by the pupils include Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, Kenyan, Arabian, Indian, and British through dance, food, music, greetings, attires, and regional modeling.

Even though on this side of the divide in Nigeria we are in America, we still find time to visit our roots to reflect on how things are being done, said AUN Schools Administrator, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu.

"Today marks togetherness, unity, and peace, bringing children, teachers, and parents from diverse backgrounds as one entity to share joy and happiness."

A Grade five pupil from India, Ashika Pandey, fully dressed in her native attire, entertained everyone with Bollywood music and dance.

Other Grade five pupils, talked about Arabian, Kenyan, Indian and British cultures.

Still, in the delight of the celebration, the Grade one pupils exhibited Nigeria's cultures with a song dedicated to peace and unity in the country.

Grade two pupils demonstrated South African tradition through the region's traditional attires, music, dance, and salutations.

On the other hand, Grade three pupils made a presentation on the 10 tribes of Ghana.

Not to leave out the little angels of AUN Elementary, the KG one, KG two, and KG three pupils, showcased Tiv, Yoruba, and Igbo cultural dances respectively.

The teachers also participated in a fashion parade after which dishes prepared by parents were served to all attendees.

A parent, Stella Amos, affirmed that the performances of the pupils made the event spectacular.

"It shows the teachers are amazingly doing their job."

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle