AUN Early Learning Center celebrates Annual Cultural Day

AUN Early Learning Center celebrates Annual Cultural Day

On November 20, the AUN Early Learning Center held its 4th annual cultural day.

Supervisor Early Learning Center, Mrs. Etido Usoh, said that the cultural day is about celebrating cultural diversity. According to her, it's an important day because every kid is dressed in their attractive cultural attires and parents prepare distinct cultural dishes which they all eat together.

"At AUN schools we promote virtues of unity and diversity."

AUN Schools' Administrator, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu, gave the opening remarks in which she assured parents that their children are in safe hands.

"We see and train these little angels as the world's future leaders and ambassadors."

A parent, Maryam Adamu, a pharmacist, made a presentation on how fura da nono is made. She also educated everyone present at the occasion of its nutritional values.

"As a Fulani woman from Adamawa State, I decided to make something that my people love to showcase our culture."

Another Parent, Ms. Adaobi Umaru, felt the cultural day illustrates the rich cultural tapestry and diversity of the AUN community.

"It is an opportunity to learn about other people's cultures too, it shows our kids that we are one irrespective of our ethnic groups and beliefs."

S.B. Tukur, also a parent, found the event lively and enjoyable aside from the value it adds to the lives of the children.

"It's a colorful event which gives the children the privilege to see the beauty of unity and colors on people in a cultural way."

A staff of the ELC, Ms. Uchechi Michael, demonstrated the making of an Igbo food, abacha (African salad).

"Every year we make food dedicated to a particular ethnic group. Last year it was a Hausa meal and this year we moved to the eastern part of the country."

Reported by Rofiat Adekunle