AUN Community Cooperative Society Sets Committees to Action

AUN Community Cooperative Society Sets Committees to Action

True to his word, the President of AUN Community Cooperative Society, Adamu Umar, built and inaugurated teams for different tasks in just two weeks of being sworn into office.

A day after his re-election on November 29, 2019, he announced his plans in his message, “You Just Voted for Return of Excellence.”

“Our team will work to develop a creative, operational guideline that comprehensively covers all areas of our operations in line with the adopted by-laws,” he wrote in the address.

He promised to implement all promises to the minutest detail “in line with the core values of prudence, good governance, and probity”.

“Recovery of our debts and diversified investment will get deserved premium attention; we will work harder than ever to respond in good time to our obligations.”

He wasted no time in appointing members of his standing committees and creating more ad-hoc committees as well as appointing the members immediately. The committees have started functioning and a debt recovery plan is in place.

"We have approved a 10 percent logistics fee out of any recovered value for members of the task force."

Also, he has empowered them with ways to effectively carry out their tasks, one of which is to involve all chairman and secretaries of committees who participated in the Society’s retreat organized for the executive committee members on February 6, at the University Club.

The Debt Recovery committee has members that include Hamza Muhammad (Chairman), Nsikan Edidion (Secretary), Elizabeth Enu, GP Ali, Bello Buba, Ibrahim Gwary, and Kuma Semali.

The ad-hoc committee is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining a complete debt collection portfolio and recovery of debts from members who have defaulted. 

The committee is also mandated to devise customized recovery strategy on a case-by-case basis, locate and establish contacts with debtors, follow up with debtors on previously agreed repayment arrangements, renegotiate settlements and, where necessary, liaise with solicitors and bailiffs.

Loans Committee: Innocent Nwobodo (Chairman), Philomina Bankole (Secretary), members: Mikailu Dauda, Rukayyat Jimoh, and Kenedy Michael.

Business Committee: Patrick Eze (Chairman), Esther Christopher (Secretary), members: GP Sukat, Narfanda Samson, Patience Edward, Emmanuel Yawaji, and Rebecca Bello.

Estate Development Committee: Daniel Waziri (Chairman), Harisu Jumbam (Secretary), members: Titus Dampaul, Babangida Sajo, Onyebuchi Noshiri, Olanike S. Odewale, Mohammed Adamu, and Balteh Murtala.

Transport Committee: Yakubu Tantila (Chairman), Ogechi Dan-Okereke (Secretary), members: Mohammed Bello, Simon Caleb, and Bridget Augustine.

Operations Committee: Nas Yakubu (Chairman), Modester Anih (Secretary), members: Muhammad Nuru Isma’il, Sani Isa, and James Jalas.

Also within the first two weeks after the inauguration, the Society President mobilized his executive team to visit the senior management. 

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa