AUN Charter School Organizes Career Day

AUN Charter School Organizes Career Day

February 14, 2020, at the AUN Charter School, was the Career Day. Supervisor of the American-curriculum high school, Mrs. Rose Clarkson, explained that the annual Career Day event is meant to give guidance to students on the kind of occupation that they will take in life.

The Administrator of AUN Schools Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu gave reasons why the pupils of the AUN Schools Elementary were invited to the event. The AUN Schools system starts career counseling early enough so that by the time the pupils reach the point in their life where they decide on their career, it would be easy for them to choose which career path to take.

Among the presenters at the events were a psychologist Habibu Mua'azu, Flying Officer Ismail Kabil, and Dr. Stephen John.

Mr. Mua'azu presented on the Psychological Disposition and Preparedness of an Individual Person in Choosing a Career in Life. He told the audience that while certification is important, their focus should be more on the skills that they acquire in school as it has become a more important criterion in building a career.

Mr. Kabir, who presented on Careers in the Military, Conflict Resolutions, and Peace Building, told the attendees that for those who want to be pilots, doctors, lawyers, communicators, engineers, and many others in addition to still being in the military, it is possible.

Dr. John presented on Careers in Medicine. He spoke on different areas of medicine and the various specializations available. He went on to say that having an interest in science and how the body works, as well as caring for people are among the qualities that the students should look out for within themselves before deciding if they want to have a career in the field. He said it is a very challenging area since the volume of material they would be required to read is much.

Mrs. Uzowulu also gave a presentation on teaching as a career and told the students that she is very fulfilled in that career path since it provides her the opportunity to mold the lives of people.

The platform also allowed for questions. A Grade 5 elementary pupil, Abubakar Abdulrahman, asked the Flying Officer if he has bombed Boko Haram and what followed was huge laughter from the audience.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa