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"The internship and work-study opportunities AUN offered me, and the mentorship of my professors, gave me the skills and experience I needed to excel after graduation" – Nachamada (Nacha) Geoffrey (Class of 2009), Yankari Landscape Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

“I graduated from AUN in the fall of 2009 with a major in Natural and Environmental Science (NES) and a concentration in Conservation Biology. I also had a minor in Economics. My current job is my passion, which makes it truly rewarding.

“AUN prepared me very well in academics and for life after graduation. Before going to AUN, I had no idea that I would be a conservationist, but the opportunity at AUN to attend courses in other fields helped shape me to find my true passion. The quality of faculty and the teaching I received while at AUN were excellent and helped me throughout graduate school and my career. While at AUN, the opportunity to work while studying, the internship opportunities, and the mentorship from the professors made it possible for me to excel after graduation because I was already prepared for life after school with sufficient skills and experience.

“After graduating from AUN, I completed an MSc from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. I also completed a certificate course from Colorado State University in the US while working for WCS. The WCS is a US nonprofit, private organization established in 1895 that saves wildlife and wild places by understanding critical issues, crafting science-based solutions, and taking conservation actions that benefit nature and humanity.”

Yankari National Park is the largest wildlife park in Nigeria, covering about 870 square miles.   

Nachamada (Nacha) Geoffrey (Class of 2009),

Yankari Landscape Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)


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