Community Engagement and Service Learning

Community service is central to our mission and identity here at AUN. The purpose of the AUN Office of Community Engagement and Service Learning is to provide opportunities for meaningful service to the greater Yola community while forming AUN students to become knowledgeable, conscientious, and engaged citizens now and always. We believe that we all have a responsibility to contribute our time and talents to the betterment of society as a whole. 

Freshmen get their first taste of community service during the Students Serving Society event during Freshmen Orientation.  From then on, students are encouraged to volunteer actively in any of the regular, extracurricular outings that the Office organizes almost every day of the week.  We work hand in hand with people and organizations in the community, including schools, health clinics, community associations, and the local government.

Service activities include:

  • Tutoring sessions in literacy, English, mathematics, computer literacy, and income generation;
  • Sewing lessons for women;
  • Small business development for women (e.g. raising chickens)
  • Building renovation and painting;
  • Garbage cleanup and recycling;
  • Tree planting;
  • Borehole and well restoration;
  • Drug awareness campaigns; and
  • Donations to flood victims and other needy

Each year the Office also supervises a competition for AUN residence halls to compete with one another to complete service projects. Past projects have included classroom and library renovations, donations of books, supplies, and furniture to schools and clinics, health demonstrations, and fun day at an orphanage. A committee chooses the best project for the Dorm Project Award. 

In addition, the Office supports the field service components of many academic service-learning courses, including GEN 101 and CDV. 

Students who complete 50 or more hours of community service earn the AUN Community Service Certificate.  During the Stallion Awards we also select one student with exceptional service to receive the Community Service Award.
For more information about community service at AUN, please contact 
Mohamadou Dabo
Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning